Changes in Seaford High Street

In most British towns the High Street is the principle shopping street.  Here in Seaford, that honour falls to Broad Street, in which Boots,W.H. Smith and M&Co are located (as well as a host of independent shops).

Our High Street runs at right angles to Broad Street.  A very long time ago it was indeed the main shopping street, but Seaford is a very old town and the shops have moved.

Many of the buildings in the High Street are now residential, or house services, such as a dentists’ practice.

Change is constant:  this month saw the loss of a cafe in the High

The Salad Bowl Cafe (now closed)

The Salad Bowl Cafe, High Street, Seaford

Street.   The Salad Bowl was in business when my family and I first came here in 1986 to look for a house.  At that time it served very nice lunches, and we often combined house-hunting with lunch at the Salad Bowl.

It had changed hands since then, and the most recent owners appeared to embark on an expansion programme.  The building next door (which had been a carpet shop) was fitted out as a restaurant, but was only open for a few months.

The building on the other side was a dry cleaner’s shop.  When that was closed, it appeared to have been acquired by the owners of the Salad Bowl.  Rumour had it that it was to be the kitchen for an expanded business, but this never materialised.

Now the Salad Bowl has closed.

Premises for new recording studio, High Street, Seaford

This was a snake shop, but soon to be a recording studio

However, all is not doom and gloom, for a new venture is moving in at number 7 High Street:  a recording studio.

This is not as strange as it sounds, as this is to be an extension of The Archway, which has been very successful.  The main venture of The Archway is a community choir.  This is hugely popular – in fact, I think there is more than one choir.

The idea of the studio is that you can make your own recording, or hire it for a party.  I predict that it will be a success.

This building was most recently occupied by a The White House decorators.  It seemed to be more of an office than a shop.  Prior to that it was a snake shop (as can be seen in the photo).  I have been told that many years ago a very good restaurant occupied these premises.



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